Well hello! Welcome to the blog and the very first blog post. I honestly have been so distraught over how to start and how critical it is for this post to be absolutely perfect in every way. Well all that’s done is freeze up the beauty of humanizing this blog, which ultimately is what it is all about. So here I am, just being me and sharing my heart and design obsessed soul in the hopes that, it alone, is enough to capture and encourage you to follow me through this new adventure.

In my 8 plus years working at design firms in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA I learned from and worked along side some insanely talented people. It is only because of my failures and successes there, that I can be fully present and fully steadfast here. I see design and interiors maybe a bit differently than most people. Design shows who you are through your environment. It tells the story of what you love and how you like to live. Design is in ev-er-y thing we see, touch and feel. There is someone who drew, sourced, planned and completed every single item in your home, in your favorite restaurant and in every room you walk into. Literally, it’s everywhere.

So here’s my idea. If design is in everything, and I’m a designer, why wouldn’t  I use it to bless and help people? As a mother of two young girls, my heart has grown significantly toward causes that support children and their families. For all the mommas out there you understand the power of a mothers heart…there is no stopping that train.

I set out to start Flower Child Project without really knowing what it would become. I had an idea and believed it would work. However, when I met Clara Bragg and her beautiful momma Jenny Bragg, it all hit me. You guys, this is the reason for it all. This is the reason for things I wanted so badly not working out in the past, for the days of frustration, for the grinding and spinning in circles. It all brought me here.


Clara Bragg is a sweet, bright spirited 2 1/2 year old. After showing signs of late development, her parents began seeking medical testing. In August last year, they received a devastating diagnosis. Clara has a terminal neurological condition called Late Infantile GM1 Gangliosidosis. An inherited disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Over time, she will lose the ability to speak, to swallow, and to move her limbs. She may become blind and deaf and suffer from frequent seizures. GM1 robs children of nearly every skill and bodily function required to live.

Through it all, there is still hope. She has qualified for a life saving treatment that will not only save her life but may even reverse any effects this disease has brought on. A human gene therapy trial will start in 2017 that could save Clara’s life, as well as other children suffering from this terrible disease.

Flower Child Project is dedicated to design a bedroom that excites her and brings her and her family joy in the midst of the difficult days they are facing. More importantly, through this bedroom makeover, we will help share Clara’s story amongst the design community and reach an entirely new audience to raise the funds she needs for her life saving treatment. The more shares and media we receive from this bedroom, the more funds we can raise for Clara’s family to save her precious life.

Go to http://acureforclara.com/claras_story/ to learn more about this brave little girl.

I am getting into the nitty gritty of Clara’s bedroom concept and is as sweet and vibrant as she is. I promise you guys will want to see the final install! Check out the design concept below for a little sneak preview of whats to come.


xo – Michelle